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The Shocking Truth

According to a global survey conducted last 2015 by Standard & Poor (S&P) Rating Services, only 25% of Filipinos are financially literate . (Philippines was among the bottom 30 out of 143 economies who participated in the survey)1

On the same year, we ranked 68th globally in terms of financial literacy index, based on a study made by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). We are behind Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore. 2

Sun Life Philippines' 2013 Study of Lifestyles, Attitudes and Relationships Financial Literacy Advocay Report (SOLAR FLARe) showed that:

  • Filipinos are generally confident about how they handle their finances with 20% claiming to be an expert — and yet, only 8% who took the financial literacy quiz actually passed.
  • To prepare for anticipated life events, only 1 out of 10 Pinoys said he will invest.
  • 33% of Pinoys worry about their kid’s education; 20% on Food & 17% on family’s health.
  • Filipinos define financial security as “having enough bank savings.”
  • Among Pinoys top priority in the next 2 year – 37% said “Gadgets”!
  • 7 out of 10 Pinoys believe that everyone needs life insurance and yet insurance penetration in RP is only 1.14%. 3

We envision a prosperous and debt free Philippines twenty years from today. 

A country comprised mostly of financially empowered families not worrying about where to get money from or  what to feed their families. 

A financially fit nation working towards a better future .
Financial literacy is the first step.
We believe that education is the first step to achieving financial security. This is the main reason we thought of putting up this site. To reach out to more people and educate them on the proper way of handling their finances. By sharing  our own experiences and some basic concepts we learned through trainings and certifications, we hope to impart that winning the lottery or marrying a rich person is not the only way to get rich. Becoming wealthy is a step-by-step process and one that takes time, effort and discipline. 

"The prevailing environment of investment scams is an indication of widespread financial ignorance and greed. Supply and demand issue -- there are scams because people continue to fall for them. What we need are more advocates to teach more Filipinos. A few very popular finance personalities will not even make a dent on financial education, what we really need is an army since this is war." - Randell Tiongson, a financial advocate. 

As what Randell said, this is a war against financial illiteracy, against those people who take advantages of others by luring them into get-rich-quick schemes. We have just started this fight. A lot has to be done. We need everyone's helping hand to get this done.

Are you in?

1 25% Filipinos
2 Phils ranked 68th